Choose the pack that best suits your goals With Automatic Body™

  • Intro Pack

    Image Demo

    Get Off the Sidelines
    One case (24) of Skinné™

  • Primer Pack

    Image Demo

    Shape Your Body
    Two cases (48) of Skinné™

  • Pro Pack

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    Get Your Sexy Back
    Two cases (48) of Skinné™
    One case (24) of Fuel™

  • Peak Pack

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    Create Your Best You
    Two cases (48) of Skinné™
    Two cases (48) of Fuel™

Not Sure?

Try out the products with our Week 1 Sample Pack! Everything you need for the first week of the Automatic Body™ program. 12 Skinné™ cans, 1 Fuel™ can and 1 Energé™ can for only $49.00!

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